SPIKE Powersports warranties all products for 1 (one) year from the date of purchase. Our goal is to have zero warranty claims, and we are very close to achieving that. Note that Warranty does not apply to products that have been visually abused, or in an accident. An example of abuse would be using our canvas doors on a machine that was bulldozing a new trail through the woods and the customer complaining about rips or scratches. Common sense needs to prevail in these circumstances. We include a printed notice in almost all of our products that specifically states for the customer to call us directly in the case of missing components-this is done as a service to our dealers that sell SPIKE and to improve accuracy in resolving these concerns. We document these concerns and use this feedback as a way to improve our products. There are several reasons why SPIKE wants full control of our warranty situations.


First and foremost is to exonerate our dealers from having to do this tedious task and allow each to focus on the SALES aspect of their business.   This will require in many cases for us to contact the customer directly, so please supply this information or we cannot implement our program.


Secondly, this allows us to track repeat warranty claims (and customers) that may have occurred previously. In some cases, this may initiate the need to make running improvements in our product for future production. If we are not aware of a specific problem, we have no way to document if a bill of material or a design change is needed.


Thirdly, getting the information first-hand from the customer greatly improves accuracy and minimizes any chance of errors in parts shipped. If necessary, we will send instructions and have the customer circle the items needed to eliminate any confusion. This also greatly reduces any fraudulent customer claims.


Please note that ordering the incorrect SPIKE product DOES NOT constitute a Warranty claim, and for issues like this to be resolved, the purchaser needs to CONTACT THE SELLER DIRECTLY.   For items that are ordered wrong and need to be returned, if the product has any damage there will be a minimum $30 charge for administrative fees necessary for us to process a damage claim. In the case where there are missing or lost parts etc., SPIKE will often send them at no charge even outside of the Warranty period as a service. Again, for situations like this, we ask that if a SPIKE Dealer is called by the customer about any type of Warranty situation to please refer then to SPIKE directly via our website at www.spikepowersports.com or by phone at (888) 769-2295. In most cases, we will confer with the customer the same day.

For larger claims, we may require customers to provide a dated sales receipt and pictures if needed.

Please note that on EVERY windshield box we specifically state with a large ORANGE label to “Please remove all the staples prior to removing the product from the box”. If this is not done and the shield is removed from the package and scratched, it will NOT be a warranty from SPIKE. Scratches caused by this oversight are very easily recognized.   SPIKE will NOT accept returns where the protective film on the windshield has been removed-this is also noted on the instructions. As for protective film, EVERY SPIKE windshield has a protective covering on BOTH sides. On some of the rear shields, the protective film is opaque and can easily be missed by the customer, who then calls stating the shield is scratched or “cloudy” looking. The easy answer is to be certain that BOTH protective coverings have been removed-this is missed quite often.


Also noted on all windshield instructions are specifics about not using Loctite or other chemicals on windshield securing hardware. Doing so will cause an almost instant chemical reaction which results in damage to the polycarbonate and creates easily recognizable cracking in the area-this is not a Warranty situation.


Our LED headlight kits are also very trouble-free and warranty claims are rare. In the event of a problem, we have a specific trouble-shooting procedure in place and in most cases, we need to speak directly to the customer.


In summary, SPIKE does everything possible to provide descriptive instructions and Operator/Installer warnings in regards to our products.   We appreciate our Dealer business and strive to be as user friendly as possible. We want to support you as a representative of our business, and as such, for SPIKE Warranty situations, please refer your customer inquiries to SPIKE directly.


We sincerely hope this clarifies our warranty policy and provides yet another reason to be a part of our company. Thank you for being a part of the SPIKE team!!


Best Regards,

Team Spike