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Had a flop clamp break while installing my new tinted half windshield on my talon X. Jim Webber handled my problem very quickly and easily! The response time and customer service is awesome! I will definitely keep them on the list for future upgrades!!! Love the windshield also it’s way better made than what I was expecting in my head for it being a brand new Sxs on the market and everything is having to be developed for it!

- Dayne Lax-Watkins

Had a bolt vibrate out of my windshield. Contacted Spike hoping to be able to get a couple of replacement bushings and screws. Mot real optimistic because of my past dealings with other ATV companies. Jim Webber responded immediately and I had 4 sets of replacement parts in the mail in a couple of days. They will get all my future business.

- Rob Allen

I bought the led headlight bulbs for my 2019 ranger. Great product. Much brighter than stock bulbs. Friendly customer service.

- Craig Strickland

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